4 Key Concepts You Need to Master to Feel Power of Yoga

Yoga is no magic pill to pop and find all health solutions at once. Nothing will work for you until you make your Yoga practice and your well-being the top-most priority. 

Here is the list of four key concepts that one should master to experience the associated health benefits of Yoga. 

  1. Be physically aware. The most important thing you should do while performing Yoga is listen to your body. Listen to what feels good, what feels uncomfortable, and what feels extremely painful. Tingling pain or pinching in the nerve should be avoided, while moderate discomfort is usually your body becoming accustomed to a deeper range of motion or stretching. 
  2. Warm it up. Start with full-body dynamic stretching routines to warm up the muscles and joints. Prepare your body before getting into static poses that push flexibility boundaries. Skipping a warm-up session can induce chances of serious injury so that no exceptions will be taken.
  3.  Take your time. Do not try to force flexibility. Over time, your mind and body will get used to these poses, and your level of flexibility and strength will enhance. Pushing yourself beyond your physical limits is similar to attempting to drink gallons of water at once. You don’t drink gallons of water at once because you know you will choke, so the same goes with Yoga as well.
  4. Breathing – Last but not least is the correct breathing technique. In Yoga, you want to focus on binding your breath with your moves. When you inhale, lengthen, or rise, breathing must be constant. Try and concentrate on breathing in and out of the nose as slowly as possible to help you control your breathing rate. So, always remember to hold your breath then control your body.




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