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Flow Sequence Philosophy

“The human body possesses remarkable self-healing capabilities, provided we allow it to function optimally without interference. The process of detoxifying both the mind and body is getting out of your own way and allowing the process of healing. 

It involves clearing away stagnant energy that may hinder our progress, revitalising the flow of life force energy, and rediscovering our innate state of well-being. This practice ultimately centres around the act of realigning ourselves with the fundamental principle of good health.”

About Flow Sequence

Created in 2020 by myself Stephen Smith, Flow Sequence encapsulates an innovative approach to holistic life coaching through my unique methodology.

I created The Flow Sequence Medicine Wheel as a holistic master key system for tuning DNA, guiding individuals towards health, healing, and balance through the practice of holistic self-care synchronicity.

At the heart of Flow Sequence philosophy resides my profound belief in a divine architect and the concealed divine architecture within human DNA. 

I view the medicine wheel as a sacred structure, symbolising a universal map. I discovered that when consciously organised, this wheel becomes a powerful tool, a steering mechanism to synchronise the interconnected aspects of life. It serves as a guide for balancing the inherent intricacies in our human DNA, allowing us to ascend toward our full potential.

Embarking on the transformative journey of the Flow Sequence Master-Key Series, we will be unearthing the esoteric potential of mind, body, and spirit. This expedition involves aligning with the fundamental principle of holistic healing, allowing individuals to attune to the divine flow inherent in the fabric of the universe. 

As we delve into this holistic exploration, our focus remains steadfast on cultivating health, facilitating healing, nurturing harmony, and achieving a synchronistic balance in all aspects of life.

Join me at Flow Sequence for this revolution of transformational information, and lets get creative, it’s what you make of it!

Lavishly yours, 

Stephen Smith

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