Setting Those 'Better' Goals

Setting a goal using our FlowSequence Master-Key, in our opinion, is easier and more effective, simply because as human individuals, we only ‘think’ we know what better is, and we only ‘think’ we know what better looks like and what better feels like and what better, therefor, must be like.. but the truth, in our humble opinion, is, if your happy, you can only assume that things are better, and if your really happy, for all we know, things must be much better.

Spoke 1 of 8 in the FlowSequence, named Providence, this is our faculty of destiny and future becoming and needs to be adapted for this purpose of defining destiny and conditioned in the direction of definiteness of desire. Going back to my previous point if you don’t know what is better until you are much happier about something, how do you set a specific goal?
The answer is to set a specific and definite goal, to try your very best, in all of your endeavors, and then to allow better to prove, that which is better in your opinion. This process tunes your brain towards the awareness of that which is making you much happier, so you are left assuming your situation must be much better than it was when your awareness was tuned towards that which wasn’t appreciated.

Setting specific goals are encouraged, but for the purpose of this master key system we set a definite, specific goal to move in the direction of ‘better results’ (whatever they need to be) and let better prove it’s self to be better, by making you happier. In the next 24 hours, creating a better regiment and staying consistent with it will lead to a wall of 1000 days of better results in three years from today. Using the FlowSequence self-awareness journal we can organise, track and monitor our circadian regiment and start building our wall of better results over the next three years.

Follow your excitement towards what is better for you. Without desire there is no purpose for being. To Set Those ‘Better’ Goals, let desire take the lead and create a day to day schedule that builds a wall of 1000 days in the next 3 years that reflects your authentic happiness in the form of ‘better’ results. The virtue is not what you get from the outcome, the virtue is what you become in relativity. The bottom line is that it is better to try your very best at all times.



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