What benefits should I expect from Yoga?

Yoga is a great way to unwind, clear your thoughts, and feel more alive. Incorporating yogi stretching with meditation has another set of vital mental health benefits for your mind.

Yoga breath work helps the brain’s nerve cell activation.
Help you establish mindfulness which relieves chronic stress patterns.
Reduces insomnia issues due to negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress.
Help you sharpen concentration on work by calming negative thought processes.

What to Expect in Long-Run?
If Yoga is a consistent part of your fitness routine, then here are a few main physical benefits that you will experience from a long term-practice:

Endurance – overtime you make it through your whole workout with fewer number breaks, play harder in the last few minutes, and have more overall energy preserved as well.

Body control – you become more physically aware of every muscle in your body. You can facilitate a better connection between your body’s muscular and skeletal systems with your mind.

Balance – daily practice will help you develop balance by learning to engage your muscles actively and improve your ability to revert to perturbations or unstable situations mindfully.

Core strength – over time, you learn to properly engage your core and strengthen this primary source of stability in your body while improving your posture and taking pressure off your lower back to improve your spinal health.

Flexibility – practice will reduce the risk of injury, reduce the recovery time, and help you gain more range of motion to increase your overall strength and power.

Some other added perks are Increased blood flow and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.



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